Cleaning Spree!

Our Services

What we do

Sometimes it’s hard to compare cleaning companies because you don’t know what they do!  There are many levels of cleaning and Cleaning Spree! specializes in weekly cleaning.

When you think about cleaning in terms of its frequency the difference becomes a little more clear.  For instance, vacuuming the carpets and scrubbing the shower are things to do weekly.  Washing dishes is daily.  Cleaning outside windows is quarterly or yearly.  Weekly maintenance cleaning makes your daily cleaning easier.

Our goal: “The Perfect Maintenance Clean.”

While most cleaners are figuring out ways to give less, we constantly challenge ourselves with the question, “How much MORE can we do?”  Much of weekly cleaning is the cleaning that people don’t like or don’t have time to do.  Scrubbing out the toilet, shower, and sink is something that is easy to put off because there are more pressing matters.  Mopping out the kitchen is inconvenient, and the high dusting in the foyer?

Not only will it give you more time, weekly cleaning silences that nagging voice in your head about the condition of your living space.  It ends the mental torture and frees up brain space for more important things.

The “big-picture”areas that we address are

  • Kitchen that shine
  • Bathrooms that sparkle
  • High and Low Dusting
  • Vacuuming and Floor Care

We have a set routine we use for all our clients, however if you need additional services we do that, too!  Some of our available extra services are…

  • Changing bedding
  • Window cleaning
  • Inside Stoves and Refrigerators
  • Laundry
  • Deep cleaning (inside cabinets, empty shelves, behind appliances, etc.)
  • Light handyman
  • Just ask!

We provide all basic chemicals, rags and cleaning equipment.

Protecting You

We place a laser focus on you, our client.  We protect you because we are bonded cleaners and carry full liability insurance.  We also provide a 24 hour guarantee on all our work.  If you notice something that isn’t right and call us within 24 hours we will come back out to make it right, no questions asked.

We choose our cleaning agents based both on their effectiveness and safety.  Most of the products we use are rated zero on their material safety data sheets, the safest rating.  All of our chemicals are renewable and biodegradable to protect your family and the environment.

The Area We Serve

We take clients from New Castle to the North Hills and from the Beaver Valley to Valencia.  We have easy access to route 79 and take any client we can reach within 30 minutes on a regular day.  We currently have clients in Westview, Cranberry, Wexford, Emsworth, Valencia, Evans City, Gibsonia, Allison Park, New Castle, and more!  We are constantly adding new areas!

We hope you’ll give us a chance to give you a free estimate on your cleaning needs.  Simply use the form on the right or call 724-556-1495 to speak with Tammi about getting involved.  We know we can help bring peace and sanity back into your life and home.